Waystead Philosophy

  • The only two intimidations in the kitchen are the flame and the blade.
  • Learn about the flame and the blade and you can master anything you wish to make. Anything.
  • It is false to declare "Any damned fool who can read can cook." But a damned fool who engages a Teacher will learn to cook well.
  • These classes are choreographed for fun, to learn effortlessly one or two techniques which you can embrace with ease and confidence.
  • Bon app├ętit!


Mark Kauffman, Waystead Inn's executive chef, was French-trained in the old ┬┤etage or 'stage' system of apprenticeship in the kitchen at a five-star hotel on the French Riviera near St. Tropez in the late 60s, and refined his skill at Le Lion d'Or, Washington DC's top-rated French salon in the late 70s.

"I wanted to learn to cook well enough for friends and family that they'd survive an evening," Kauffman explains.

Kauffman went on to pursue other whimsies. Office moving; database management; public relations; travel writing; Realty; historic house restorations; The Pleasure Palate cooking school; Cleveland Park Repairs handyman service.


What to learn?

  • How to hold a knife and cut anything without losing a finger.
  • Go with your first-take food fantasy and let's learn to make it perfect!
  • Pizza dough?
  • Pasta from Scratch?
  • Thirty-minute supper menus?
  • How to Grill a Steak?
  • Flaky fish baked in Parchment Paper?

Keep It Simple

  • Classes last an hour or more, depending on level of challenge.
  • Fees range from $40 per person and up, depending on ingredients used.
  • Groups up to 6 persons are suitable.

Book a class now. Email waysteadinnberlin@gmail.com